Prinz has almost 100 years of tradition and experience in the manufacture of vinegars. The company's history began in 1925, when the immigrant Joseph Martin Prinz founded the industry J. PRINZ & Cia., In Lajeado, in Rio Grande do Sul, and started the production of Vinagres Prinz.

In 1995, Prinz was bought by the Koller family, the owners of the traditional Vinagres Koller industry, and it remains under their management to this day.


Excellence, quality and flavor since 1925.

Prinz is a reference in the segment of vinegars in southern Brazil, and it has become the favorite of consumers because it offers a true collection of flavors: classic flavors, produced with the most modern processes and high quality standards.

At the company's headquarters, the whole process of product manufacturing take place, including the manufacturing of packaging. Prinz also has its own fleet that is responsible for transporting all the products sold, thus ensuring punctual delivery.

Also worthy of mentioning in the company's portfolio is the production of vinegars with its own brands. Prinz maintains partnerships with major brands, who entrust them with the manufacture of their products.